Easter Scene

easter scene materialseaster scene

As easter is approaching, this is a good activity that can be done together with the children. This craft uses recycled materials and some easy to find items.

You will need:

1. a box without lid (preferably not so high

2. plasticine clay(different colours)

3. drinking straw

4. mould of different shapes

5. toilet roll

6. small stones

7. one stone which can cover the opening of the tissue roll

7. any small item to create the bush look

8. scissors


How to make it

take small portions of grey colour plasticine and flatten it. lay it around to give the pathway look.

Cut the 1/4 of the tissue roll width wise. place it in one corner of the box. place the stones near the tissue roll. place one big stone near the opening of the tissue roll. place some plasticine over the tissue roll to cover it as well.


To make different trees and flowers

cut the straw into different lengths so as to use it as trees. cut one end of couple of straw pieces and make vertical slits round the edge. press all the slits down so that it makes a tree like look,

Take small portions of the colorful plasticine (you can even mix colours to give it a different colours) and use place it in the mould . take it out and place it on top of straw pieces.

There is no fixed rules to follow in making this scene. let the imagination flow. You can use small figures to tell the easter story when Mary went to see Jesus’ body

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