pillar of cloud pillar of fire

Moses obeyed God. Moses was leading the children of Isreal from Egypt to the land flowing milk and honey. God himself was their leader.

The story of how God led people of Isreal by the pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night can be found in Exodus 13. this game is based on that wonderful story to remind children how God takes care of us. This is a game that can be played indoors or out doors. This games teaches children listening skills.

Materials needed

1.Picture of cloud , picture of fire

pillar of fire pillar of cloud


To play game, draw a straight line on the floor with chalk( or you can use the masking tape which can be removed later)  on one side ot the line place the cloud  picture and on the other side, the fire picture.

Line the children on the line drawn.

The person who conducts the game says pillar of fire or pillar of cloud.

When the person says pillar of fire, children are to jump to the side where the fire picture is placed.

When the person says pillar of cloud, children are to jump to the side of cloud picture.

The person can say in any sequence, children are to listen and move accordingly.

It is a variation of ‘simon says’. Hope you enjoy playing this game.

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