how did moses cross the red sea?

How did Moses cross the red sea

How did Moses cross the Red Sea (3x)
How did he get across?
Did he swim? No, no
Did he sail? No, no
Did he fly? No, no, no, no
Cross a bridge? No, no
Did he leap? No no
How did he get across?

God blew with His wind
Puff, puff, puff, puff
He blew just enough
‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff
And through the sea
God made a path
That’s how he got across.

7 thoughts on “How did Moses cross the red sea

  1. I work with Children’s Church, and had lost
    my copy of “How Did Moses Cross the Red
    Sea” – thank you so much for having it

  2. i like the song . I will if i can get more of this to teach my children in church .
    Here is my WHATS’UP line +233 262 59 85 31.

    thank you

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