My Father

All through the Bible God can be seen as a father figure. He is our heavenly father. There are many encouraging verses that points out the qualities of this loveing father. Here are some listed below for inspiration and encouragement


He loves me – John 3:16

He cares for me – Mathew 6:26

He forgives me – Psalm 103:12

He is compassionate – Psalm 103:4-5

He is giving – Romans 8:32

He is understanding – Psalm 139:1-2

He is accepting  -Psalm 139: 1-6

He satisfies – Psalm 107:9

He persistently persues me – Luke 19:10

He reasons – Isaiah 1:18

He pardons – Psalm 103:3

He heals – Isaiah 53:5

He redeems – Job 19:25

He is merciful – Psalm 86:15

He renews – Isaiah 40:31

He is righteous – Jeremiah 9:23-24

He is gracious – Ephesians 1:78

He is sovereign – Psalm 103:19

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