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  1. Rhonda says:

    I would love to have all the lyrics to Mr. Noah built an Ark. I heard this sung on a recent missions trip to South Africa and would love to teach it to my children at church.
    Thank you,

  2. eleanor hunter says:

    I am trying to obtain a copy of the music for Stand UP and Shout if you love my Jesus but only the words appeared on your site – Can you assist?

  3. Pastor Ron E. Thompson says:

    I am writing a book of messages and in one of the messages I recall singing the 4 line song: Who can make a flower, I’m sure I can’t, can you? O who can make a flower? No one but God it’s true.

    Is this public domain or can I freely include it in the book?

    Thank you,

    Pastor Rone E. Thompson

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