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Easter Scene

easter scene
As easter is approaching, this is a good activity that can be done together with the children. This craft uses recycled materials and some easy to find items. You will need: 1. a box without lid (preferably not so high 2. plasticine clay(different colours) 3. drinking straw 4....
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pillar of cloud pillar of fire

pillar of fire pillar of cloud
Moses obeyed God. Moses was leading the children of Isreal from Egypt to the land flowing milk and honey. God himself was their leader. The story of how God led people of Isreal by the pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night can be...
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ruths basket of grains

ruth's basket of grains
This craft can be used for the story of Ruth and Naomi. Materials needed 1. Paper plate 2. Coloured paper (yellow) 3. Paint (yellow, orange, brown, black) 4. Pencil 5. Scissors 6. Construction paper or cardboard for the back Method Cut the paper plate into two halves.  Paint...
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